Roller blinds may be very simple, but they are very stylish and extremely popular. Roller blinds are a lot of more practical than curtains and are not high maintenance, they can be completely designed to complement the inside of your home making them a feature you want to have in every room. In this blog, we’re going to discuss reasons for choosing roller blinds!

Space Efficient

Roller blinds are a super space efficient way of covering your windows. They are great as they sit in the window and don’t hang down and get in the way. If you have a large window space in a room curtains can sometimes feel overwhelming and can make the room feel claustrophobic. This is why roller blinds are a great alternative as they are sleek and not bulky in anyway.

Low Maintenance

Unlike curtains or wooden blinds, roller blinds do not collect dust which makes cleaning the window area much easier. This will lower the risk of health issues as dust can sometimes cause irritation and issues for your eyes, lungs and skin. They are also much easier to clean than curtains as generally the blinds are eye level or within reach of cleaning, this can make your home environment more hygienic. Roller blinds that are fitted properly won’t wobble or rattle and will stay securely in place.

Cost Effective

Roller blinds are a lot less expensive than curtains and this can help people who want to renovate the interior of their homes without having to spend a large amount of money on interior goods. For a lower price, roller blinds can have a huge impact on a room’s aesthetic.

Here at MC Bespoke Blinds we have a huge range of roller blinds which can be completely tailored to your home. You can choose you fabric and the pattern that will complement your home! To find out more about our range of roller blinds, visit or call us on 01388 417263.