Over the last few months we have been made to appreciate our gardens a lot more, after not being able to spend as much time out and about. Whilst many of us cannot wait to get back to exploring nature, it has also realised how much you can do whilst remaining at home. Perhaps going forward we might keep those creative ideas and carry on the trend of having plenty of fun at home. One way of doing this is with the installation of an outdoor living pod to enhance your garden! Below we talk about how you can really show your garden some love with our outdoor living pods.

Enjoy Your Garden More

With the addition of extra outdoor furniture, you will be able to enjoy your garden a lot more. We offer Outdoor Living Pods that consist of quality furniture meaning you can relax in comfort. The quantity of furniture is usually plenty for a full household too, meaning the whole family can get used to weekends and evenings outside together. Whether you want to have a drink, play card games games or host a quiz night, you are sure to enjoy quality time with the installation of one of our Outdoor Living Pods.

Adding Style

People often take a huge amount of pride in the appearance of their garden, so if you can make it more stylish then why not. Our Outdoor Living Pods are modern, unique and will impress any guests who visit your home in the future. From stripped back, subtle and classy pods to eye catching design centrepieces, we can offer the installation of products to suit your tastes.

Whatever The Weather

One of the major benefits of our Outdoor Living Pods is that they are designed to be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather! Pods come with a waterproof roof covering that is sure to keep out any rain. Some products also come with integrated screens to the sides to keep you protected from all angles. In terms of those sunny days when you may want to use the pod most, products also include sun/UV protection and terrace ventilation.

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