If you’re having new blinds and curtains fitted, the tricky yet enjoyable part is often deciding on how to match them. With the huge range of styles and colours that our products come in, it can be especially difficult to create the perfect match without causing clashes. In this blog we are going to share some of our most useful tips for matching your curtains and blinds effectively.

Choose the Right Blind

When it comes to choosing the blind that you wish to purchase, you should always think first about how good the design will look when accompanied by curtains. We would usually suggest Roller, Venetian and Roman blinds as the ideal options. Although we should also stress that it always would depend on the individual product! We can offer our expert advice if you require an extra pair of eyes to provide a second opinion. You should also consider size and shape, along with materials used and textures.

Pairing Colours

Matching the shade of your blinds and curtains works brilliantly in improving the overall look of the room by unifying the main colour scheme throughout. This adds the perfect balance to the overall décor, ensuring the addition of blind and colours only adds to the beauty of the room. Doing this will allow your window feature to be a subtle aspect of the décor, with accessories and furniture acting as main focal points.

Use contrasting textures

Whilst some people may prefer their window treatment to be just a small part of the room like we have previously mentioned, you could also place a focus on making it a part of the room which turns heads. A great way to do this is using contrasting textures in order to enhance the Décor. You could aim for products with completely different textures. An example of this could be pairing roller blinds that have a tougher plastic material with softer with a more luxurious curtain material.


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