It’s an unexpected threat but did you know that some blinds can become a real danger to children, especially if they are cord operated. In this blog we look at our range of child safe blinds and solutions.

Whether you are thinking about new blinds in your children’s bedroom or all throughout the house, if your child is of a young age it’s best to have safe blinds in place to stop any potential accidents happening.

We offer a wide range of cordless blinds which open using other methods such as wands. Without the cords it immediately decreases the danger to your little ones. Plus, wands also have a discreet look so can add to the appearance of your blinds.

Another option which has grown in popularity is Motorised Blinds. These blinds are controlled by a remote which means there are no attachments on the actual product. This results in almost no risk at all to your children. Motorised Blinds help to modernise your home too with their innovative technology.

If you are looking to steer well clear of blinds all together, our range of curtains and shutters are perfect for homes with younger children. They come with no attachments or small parts and once more they look great. Plus, these two products have an added bonus as they are great for keeping heat in your home.

So, if you are looking for the perfect child safe solutions then look no further than MC Bespoke Blinds. All of our blinds come made to measure and we can help you pick the perfect blinds for your specifications.

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