Blinds come in all shapes and sizes and are an essential part of any home. In the modern age, we are proud to be supporting the current advancements in technology with the brand new Remote Controlled Vertical Blind Tilt Motor, produced by Smart Louver and brought to you exclusively by MC Bespoke Blinds.

This Motor can be fitted to your blinds, so that they can be adjusted without you even having to move from your seat! With the remote that comes with this product, you are able to adjust your blinds to whichever degree you desire with just the touch of a button.

Are you already thinking this motor sounds impressive? Well perhaps the most amazing thing about this product is its light detection mode which reacts to natural daylight, adjusting your blinds at the appropriate times of day. This is the perfect security solution for anyone leaving their home unattended while going on holiday. Any potential unwanted visitors will be put off straight away when they notice that you must be home because of your daily adjusting blinds.

This blind motor is also an ideal solution for anyone with a disability or reduced mobility. The remote enables you to adjust your blinds without having to go through any pain that could be involved with having reach for a cord that is in an awkward position

The controller tends to be fitted into your existing blind recess, while it can also be flush mounted on the wall of your room. Your existing blind operating cord fits smoothly over the motorised drive pulley on the side of the product. You won’t even need to worry about high energy usage and costs, as the motor has multiple power saving mode options.

There is only one place in the UK that you can find this product and that is with us here at MC Bespoke Blinds!

For more information on the Smart Louver Remote Controlled Vertical Blind Tilt Motor visit our website where you can view a great informational video with further details of this exclusive product.