Did you know… around 1 in 3 adults in the UK currently suffer from insomnia causing them to not get enough sleep every night, which in turn has a huge effect on their day to day life. Whether you find yourself nodding off at work or becoming forgetful, the amount of sleep you get, has a substantial impact on your life.

Are you one of the third of the UK’s population who struggles to sleep at night? We have the perfect solution for you! There’s no need to change your diet or start counting sheep…

Our 100% Blackout Blinds are the ideal, simple way of increasing the amount of sleep you get every night! These amazing roller blinds, combine an aluminium faceplate with a black out fabric, to completely block any light from hitting your room, making it a dark, sleep deprivation free zone.

Studies have shown that exposure to room light during usual hours of sleep suppresses melatonin levels by more than 50%. Melatonin is the hormone that our bodies release at night, allowing us to fall asleep and stay awake during the day. Research has proved that a reduced amount of melatonin in the blood causes fatigue, bad mood, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, poor concentration and a large range of other problems. These facts are undeniable and really do show the importance of getting a great night’s sleep in a light free room.

While being incredibly effective in helping reduce your sleep issues, our blackout blinds also look the part. With a selection of beautiful designs, ranging from a Night Sky to Lavender Mist, these blinds can both provide you with a first class sleeping solution and a touch of elegance to your windows! With the addition of our 100% Blackout Blinds to your bedroom, you are sure to see your sleep patterns improve!

To read more about our amazing 100% Blackout Blinds, visit: www.mcbespokeblinds.co.uk/100-black-out or call us on 01388 329300.