Throughout the years, your Conservatory may have sometimes been the neglected space of your house. It can be frustrating, after spending all that time and money getting it built, for this amazing extra space to be forgotten about and not put to good use. After speaking to our customers, we have found that this tends to happen mainly because of two things, temperature and sun glare.

At MC Bespoke Blinds we want you to ensure you can fall in love with your conservatory all over again. We can help make it a room that you fully enjoy rather than just wasted space. We are here to bring new life to this sometimes neglected part of your home!  With our roof and side blinds, we have the ability to do just that, by offering solutions for helping to moderate temperature while also reducing that sometimes awful sun glare you can get.

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes, from huge to tiny, we’ve seen all varieties! Our method of giving you simple and clear quotes can be done by just knowing three things. First of all, we need to know the projection, how far the conservatory projects from your house. Secondly, we need to know the width of your conservatory. Finally, tell us what style of conservatory you have from the options on the diagram above. When we have gathered all of this information, we can then give you our quote with no hidden prices, this quote will cover the manufacture and fitting if you go ahead with the order.

For further information on how we can bring your conservatory to life, with our huge range of high quality blinds and other products, visit or give us a call on 01388 329300.