External Roller Blinds

External Roller Blinds

Creating a physical barrier in front of and stopping the suns energy even striking the glazing, our external roof blinds and roller blinds are the most effective way to prevent excess solar heat gain.

Effectively regulate solar heat, light (glare) and UV (ultraviolet) with our external roller blinds, mounted outside and running down directly in front of windows and sliding folding / bi-fold doors of all sizes to provide a comfortable, healthy indoor space for occupants.

Providing a physical barrier to the suns energy, our streamline and elegant range of external roller blinds block up to 96% of the suns incoming solar heat radiation, acting like air conditioning to keep your property cool on even the hottest of summers days without the energy bill or related CO2 emissions.

Diffused glare free, evenly distributed natural light is still admitted, avoiding the need to use artificial lighting with damaging ultraviolet rays filtered to prevent fixtures, fittings and furnishings from fading. Clear outward vision is maintained (subject to material choice) but with privacy provided from overlooking buildings and passers-by.



 •Built in tubular motor
• Upto 6m length x 6m depth
• Array of PVC
• Easy functioning remote
• 100’s of hardware colours


St. Lucia Skylight Blind

Using the windproof locking mechanism technology of the Antiguan roller blind and tensioning system of the Cayman roof Blind, this unique blind is perfect for fixed or opening skylights measuring unto 3m square


Cayman Externalll Roof Blind

• Mounted to top of glazed roofs
• Upto 5m length x 6m depth
• A natural air conditioning solution
•Touch button operation
• 100’s of hardware and fabric colours

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