Curtains have been an every day part of homes for centuries. Over the years the curtain has been through many different advances and changes in trends. From being just a simple piece of cloth, we now see curtains using state of the art technology in our homes. In this blog we are going to be taking you through the history of curtains through the ages.


Humble Beginnings

It is said that curtains were rarely a feature in homes until the late 16th century and at this point, they were as basic as you can imagine. They would usually be constructed from a single piece of fabric that was hung from a metal pole. The curtains were attached by iron rings, which meant the curtain could be pulled from one side only. It wasn’t until the dawn of the 17th century that drapes began to develop, with materials such as tapestry and velvet being used.

Recent History

By the time the 20th century came around, synthetics were introduced and the textile industry began to focus more on mass production, keeping the cost down and enabling easier maintenance. Over the following decades curtains become an essential in any home. During the 50’s you often saw a lot of floral and abstract prints. In the 70’s pastels and ethnic textiles were in style and throughout the 80s stripes and checks were the trend.

Modern Curtains

Our ancestors would truly not believe the technology that comes with the curtains of today. Here at MC Bespoke Blinds we offer a range of amazing curtain options with varying features. For instance, we offer curtains which use blackout technology to completely block out sunlight. These provide a perfect bedroom solution. We even offer curtains which use a heavyweight lining in order to improve thermal efficiency.


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