If you are someone who has recently moved into a new home or are looking to refurbish your current house, there are a number of design decisions that you will have to make during the process. You could end up having to make one important decision related to window decorations and that is, blinds or shutters? That’s why we are now going to give you some pointers, so that you can make the best choice for your home.



One of the biggest strengths of the blind is it’s incredible versatility. We have a huge range of blinds which come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There is no home that blinds won’t suit. Blinds can also resist moisture damage, which makes them suitable for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. A huge advantage of blinds is how easy they are to install, especially with the help of our expert installers.


Shutters are the ideal option for anyone who is seeking to add an extra touch of superior class to their home. Our shutters are custom made to provide the exact fit for your window. They also bring you the added benefit of keeping heat in your room whilst providing a high level of privacy from the outside world. Shutters tend to aslo be cleaned effortlessly, with the simple wipe of a cloth.


Whether you believe that blinds or shutters are best option for your home, MC Bespoke Blinds are here to offer you a large variety of first class products. We can also offer our expert advice, to ensure you make the best decision possible.

If this blog has helped you make your mind up and you would like some more information on our blind or shutters, visit www.mcbespokeblinds.co.uk or give us call us on 01388 329300.