Motorised Blinds have always been seen as a premium product that only some can afford. Most likely Motorised Blinds won’t have been top of your list to be installed in your home. But with our range of stunning Louvolite blinds, luxury is now affordable…

At MC Bespoke blinds, our main aim is to provide the best customer experience we can, from start to finish we make sure you are totally satisfied with the product. Plus, with our over 17 years’ experience we have supplied and fitted all styles of blinds.

When it comes to Motorised blinds they could be a huge benefit to your home. These high-quality blinds come in a range of colours and materials to match your specifications. Before any installation is completed we will measure the area, suggesting the best materials and colours for that particular room. From there we will talk you through the no fuss installation process.

One of the main features that Motorised Blinds benefit from is their effortless system. Each blind comes with a range of remote options. Option one is the Battery operated one touch wand, Option 2 is lithium powered remote which has a long-lasting battery life. The technology means you can not only move the blinds up and down at the touch of a button, but you can also filter daylight and shade.

Motorised Blinds also have a huge safety advantage, they are child safe due to their lack of any operating cords or chains. These can be dangerous for younger children.

So why not invest in Motorised Blinds for your home, experience the benefit of no cords and full control at the touch of a button.

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